Topic outline

    • You have to prepare a short presentation (max 6 minutes) about one SGDs.

      You also have to choose to study in details another SDGs. You will then be the discussant of the one presentation from your classmates. What does it mean? You will have to comment the presentation, by highlighting aspects that are not enough emphasised in the presentation, or adding other important issues.

      You cannot work in pair, namely, it is not allowed be that A presents and B discusses and B presents and A discusses 

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      Your Presentations Assignment

      Please upload here your presentations, either in .ppt or .pdf

      If it is bigger than 5MB, split it in two or thre parts. You can also try to cut some images and paste them again in .jpg ---> this wil strongly reduce the size. If you embedded videos in the presentations, then replace them with their address on youtube or others internet sources.

      If you do not manage to make the smaller, then send them via email AND upload a screenshot OR make a textual post here of your email, including the sender and the date
      Thank you!

      Not available unless: You belong to any group