1)  Give a short presentation in class about SGDs and act as a discussant (or something else)

2) Some quiz during the year

3) YOUR questions: If you were the professor what would you ask to understand whether the student has read and understood the article/chapter ?

Please study the materials on this portal, invent questions and then submit via the following forms:

TOPIC 1&2:  FORM https://forms.gle/EEaC4BkKNn2VPv7h8

TOPIC 3: FORM https://forms.gle/UxTKLt4np2hMQQeY6

TOPIC 4 and 5: FORM https://forms.gle/UCXivuFbKf3W1bzw8

4) Hand in your personal time sheet IF you did not manage to read all compulsory readings

5) Written preliminary exam: multiple choice and open answer questions on

a) the readings (and classes)

b) you are required to know all numbers and names of the SDGs

c) you will be asked to briefly write about one SD Goal randomly chosen among three

6) Short oral exam: a brief discussion of your written exam. To be taken in the same day, if possible, or at your convenience.

7) After getting the mark hand in your personal time sheet IF you were able to read all compulsory readings

8) MARK:

You'll get an automatic mark by the computer for the written test BUT the final mark will be given after the oral examination. I will ask at the oral exam ALSO some questions that you already answered at the preliminary written exam.
The final mark will include your presentation, your discussion, and your active participation to the class. 

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