YOU NEED TO KEEP the time you spend for this course. To this purpose you need to fill in the

The time sheet has been designed to help you.

Firstly, by asking you to write down the time spent on each paper you will become more aware of how much time was needed. This will improve the quality of your study and you'll become more efficient.  

Secondly, it indicates which papers are most important. 

Thirdly, those who have difficulty with English are allowed to focus on the papers that are marked with an A if their declared effort is higher than 75 hours. However, if a student does this, then before the exam they must report which of the papers in category B they have not managed to study and they must show a very good understanding of the papers that they have read. 

Lastly, it will help me to understand which papers are easier and which ones are more difficult for students.
In order for this to be effective and to help you, the feedback on the time sheet needs to be completely honest. The time sheet will have NO effect on the final mark.

WHEN shall I hand it it?
Those who have not been able to read all the papers will need to hand it in a day before the final exam so that I don’t ask them about the papers that they haven’t read. The other can hand it in after knowing the final mark.

See in the "all about the exam page, there will be a link that opens the day before the exam.

Noooo! Please, simply put the hours that you dedicated to the course.

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